How we invest


Our investment process is rigorously precise and efficient while our investment platform is modular and flexible. We follow a true quantitative investment approach when harvesting and managing risk premia for our clients.

"We believe that risk premia are the only sustainable sources of return."

Stephan Schneider, Head Portfolio Management Vescore


Our Beliefs

Vescore is built on strong convictions. We believe that risk premia are the only sustainable sources of return. This is the core of our investment philosophy. We identify, harvest and actively manage risk premia with high pay-off potential. Our goal is to generate true added value for the investor. We entertain close links to academia which lies at the heart of the innovative power of all of our investment strategies.


Our Principles

Our investment strategies are governed by rigorous guiding principles.

We exclusively utilize systematic, rules-based approaches to investing. Risk management is a firm component of our investment process. Sophisticated risk management tools are put to work at multiple stages in the investment and portfolio management process in order to ideally position the investor in any market environment.

All of our investment decisions can be traced back to fundamental economic variables. As a result, they are inherently transparent. We consider liquidity as the most important criteria when selecting instruments for implementing investment strategies.


Our Investment Process

Our investment process is fully quantitative. It is rigorous and precise in execution as it is fully automated. Its mechanism flows from our modular investment platform which allows for a tailor-made aggregation of risk premia from a wide array of sources. These distinct sources of return are harvested systematically in the market place by a quantitative investment engine.

Sophisticated risk-management tools keep the defined risk measures under continuous observation. Therefore, our investment process perfectly masters the balancing act between customization and robustness. This results in highly customized and well-diversified portfolios under tight risk controls.