What we offer


Relying on a modular state-of-the-art technological investment platform we combine various sets of risk premia with the aim of constructing well-diversified and highly customized client portfolios.

"Our expertise lies in the exploration and active management of risk premia in global capital markets."

Markus Becker, Sales & Client Service


All of our strategies build on sound financial markets theories that are based on thorough empirical research. As our team is committed to continuous research, our strategies develop, evolve and adapt to the ever changing face of the market environment.

Our two core multi-asset strategies offer an "all-in" concept of our expertise in quantitative investing.

  • Active Beta: Based on an evaluation of the economic environment, we take tactical exposures to a variety of risk premia derived from a broad range of sources: equity, commodity, and currency markets; as well as interest rates and market volatility. Our exposure is dynamically adjusted on the long and short side in response to the current risk/return profile of the underlying market.
  • Active Risk: Vescore’s active risk approach has evolved from a classic risk-parity concept towards a unique quantitative investment engine for dynamic risk-budgeting of risk premia in equity, fixed income and commodities. At the core of this concept are multi-layered, state-of-the-art protection measures against downside risks.

Drawing on our active investment capabilities, we generate attractive tailor-made absolute-return profiles by backing the portfolio with a wide variety of sources of return.This allows for a high level of strategy efficiency and flexibility while ensuring strong portfolio diversification across a wide range of asset classes.

Vescore relies on fundamental economic factors as well as single factor premia to manage pure equity portfolios as well as equity allocations in well diversified portfolios. Our key approaches include:

  • Tactical Asset Allocation (GLOCAP): A portfolio’s optimal equity exposure is determined by our quantitative tactical asset allocation model GLOCAP. It captures the overall economic environment by measuring the market participants’ expectations and sentiment on the current market environment. Based on empirical evidence that risk premia vary over time, the model derives predictions on priced risk premia in the capital markets which serve as the base for the ultimate allocation to equities.
  • Factor Investing: Pure equity portfolios invested in individual stocks seek to harvest factor premia arising from exposure to factors that have proven to be persistent sources of return. This is done by classic index-based strategies as well as dynamic multi-factor portfolios.

The main performance driver of our fixed-income strategy is linked to active duration management on a sovereign debt portfolio. The investment concept relies on forecasts of future interest rate dynamics by analyzing a range of different market forces and assessing their impact on the yield curve. The strategy strives to generate positive returns in any market environment and has the flexibility to go short duration.

Vescore commodity strategies (CYD) systematically exploit risk and liquidity premia in commodity futures markets using the predictable dynamics of the term structure.